Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Part Of You, You Don't Own

You don't know. But, I've been stealing.
I've saved a smile of yours.
A frown from behind that desk.
Your face, your eyes, that scar.
The tilt of your head, from yesterday, at 15 degrees.
That mole on your neck.
The smell of your hair, and the wind that blew through it.
The vibrations of your voice.
A tear, and the light that shone off it.
Your walk, that walk. Your words, every word.
Your laugh, your gasp.
The way you sound when you're out of breath.
A little song you'd hummed just the other day.
That clumsy skip you made on your way.
A weird noise. A feisty reply.
A really funny, awkward goodbye.
A silly "huh?", a helpless "why?"
A stubborn "No", a silent cry
A look of anger on your face.
A look of sorrow, Of peace....
A look of turbulence, A look of hope.
And a naked look of love.
I've taken a million snapshots of you in my head.
I've recorded your every word, heartbeat and footstep.
I have exhausted my memory space with you.
And I've stolen every second I could
And saved you, in a place safe even from time.
And in this moment, this ache. It's mine.
Mine to cherish. Mine to keep.
Mine to live with.
There's a part of you, you do not own.
And This part of mine.


  1. I need to tell you this post made me cry. I've been living through a pain, for many reasons, and you wrote the end of my relltionship with the guy I love most in a few sentences.

    1. I'm sorry you've been living through pain. But if you can relate to this it must mean you know the value of what you have, while you have it. Few people can say that :) And I hope you will find someone and fall in love again, deeper and this time it'll last.